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Special Recognition Rewards for VIP Care: Christie

Dec 11, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Christie has been recognised for her outstanding work as a long time candidate of Frank & Partners. Currently working with vulnerable teenagers, Christie is dedicated to improving the lives of those around her. In our exclusive clip she shares with us – “What she loves the most about working in care”.

This series is all about celebrating our candidates, showcasing how much of an asset they are to the company and recognising their hard work and dedication. Christie has been one of those candidates who has embodied our values, continues to learn and improve and receives great feedback from our clients. In this series, we will be speaking with 5 of our most outstanding candidates chosen through a combination of client reviews, Frank & Partners staff evaluation and feedback from those on the receiving end of the Care our candidates provide.

“Care work brought out the passion in me, I love making people smile!”


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