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Person-Centred Care – Read All About It!

Feb 13, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Person-Centred Care

Earlier this week, we released our first of a kind ‘Person-Centred’ mini-magazine and monthly pamphlet, to inform, guide, educate and introduce all the latest happenings at Frank & Partners.

Check out our social media channels for a glimpse into Issue 01 February Edition. In this inaugural edition, we introduce the company, showcase our latest reviews and feedback, celebrate our candidates and explain our Person-Centred values as a staffing agency.

Our founder Frank Collins has included the following quote in the first few pages:

If we can promise one thing, it’s that Frank & Partners will provide genuinely decent people. They’ll be polite, caring, eager to learn, and keen to make a difference. So, don’t be surprised if our staff show up at the Care facility with a box of chocolates or leave a note after their shift to say thank you for having me, with big smiles on their faces. We only work with decent people. That’s the Frank & Partners way.

Contact us at or call us on 01134032773 for a copy!




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