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“Since the launch of my care home, Frank and Partners have been an incredible partner in the training and staffing of my team. Our residents love the car they receive from Frank and Partners – thank you to the team for the amazing work they do.”


In the dynamic realm of healthcare delivery, the paramount focus is on elevating patient care to the highest echelons. This encompasses the provision of exceptional services, driven by a stellar workforce fostered by the health care agencies Leeds. Our unwavering dedication extends not only to healthcare institutions but also to the indispensable support staff who form the bedrock of seamless operations.

Our approach is rooted in a multidisciplinary ethos that strategically empowers each organisation for resounding success. Collaborative partners bring forth their profound insights as they work in tandem with our clients across projects spanning the entire UK landscape. Their specialised guidance encompasses critical domains such as immigration regulations, financial intricacies, legal frameworks, and more. To delve into the revolutionary transformation of staffing solutions, read on.

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What We Do – Health Care Agencies Leeds

Our expansive range of services within the health care agencies sector encompasses:

Health Care Agencies Leeds

Procurement of Exceptional Talent

Unearthing the most fitting personnel is a nuanced endeavour. Yet, we excel in connecting your enterprise with outstanding nurses, devoted care assistants, skilled support staff, and beyond. Whether your staffing requisites lean towards temporary or permanent positions, our expertise lies in aligning your business with the ideal candidates.

Our primary goal is to equip you with the capability to cater to patients with a diverse array of medical needs, spanning mental health, learning disabilities, dementia, behavioural challenges, and an array of other health conditions.

Empowerment through Comprehensive Training

In synergy with our staffing endeavours, we offer a diverse array of training programs. These traverse a wide spectrum of clinical and specialised developmental domains, addressing subjects such as first aid, health and safety protocols, strategies for mental health support, effective communication techniques, and more.

Our training initiatives are meticulously curated to enhance workplace dynamics and elevate the standard of patient care within your establishment. Recognizing the pivotal role of expert training, our adept teams and collaborators are committed to tailoring training courses that precisely align with your unique requirements.

Healthcare professionals and organisations can engage with our mandatory, clinical, and specialised development training services, encompassing areas such as:

  • Effective leadership and communication
  • Comprehensive strategies for first aid
  • Ensuring adherence to health and safety protocols
  • Enhancing capabilities for mental health support
  • And more

Each module can be finely tailored to dovetail with the specific objectives of participants.

Dynamism in Workforce Solutions

Our health care agencies in Leeds are meticulously designed to present you exclusively with top-tier talent. Our clientele spans diverse sectors, including the NHS, care facilities, local councils, private practices, and beyond.

Opting for Frank & Partners guarantees an uninterrupted continuum of care for your residents, patients, and service recipients. Our personalised, bespoke approach seamlessly adapts to your organisational needs, spanning both short-term and long-term staffing. We specialise in aligning your requirements with the perfect talent, providing invaluable care to residents, patients, and service users, whether within residential settings or the comfort of their homes.

Our expertise covers all roles, from support workers to registered nurses and beyond.

Redefined Care Offerings

Our service spectrum extends to encompass comprehensive CQC compliance services, assuring the delivery of exceptional care coupled with tailored support that caters to each client’s distinctive needs. These provisions extend to individuals who reside within their homes, benefiting from care and assistance that fosters autonomy and independence.
Our adept professionals consistently deliver unmatched service, cultivating enduring and highly cherished partnerships.

Our services envelop pivotal healthcare domains, including:

  • Community or Integrated Healthcare
  • Community healthcare services (CHC)
  • Community-based services for people with a learning disability (LDC)
  • Community-based services for people with mental health needs (MHC)

 Residential Social Care

  • Care home services with nursing (CHN)
  • Care home services without nursing (CHS)
  • Semi-independent living care

Community Social Care

  • Support living services (SLS)

Why Choose Us – Shaping Health Care Agencies Leeds

At Frank and Partners, our commitment revolves around nurturing a community of impassioned individuals. We embody a collaborative ethos, ceaselessly working to enrich the lives of others. We offer unwavering support to clients and their establishments, collaborating with care professionals, dedicated support staff, and adept nurses. This concerted endeavour translates into unparalleled service for each patient.

Guided by a team of consummate professionals and accomplished collaborators, our services are meticulously tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our overarching aim is to forge enduring partnerships that yield both value and success.

Opting for us for health care agencies in Leeds guarantees access to an unwavering partner, staunchly dedicated to the well-being of the healthcare community. We are a vibrant enterprise tirelessly dedicated to delivering unparalleled service within the healthcare sector.

Fostering Collaborative Advancement

As a business, we continuously challenge ourselves to elevate our service offerings for esteemed clients. This drive propels us to personalise our services to comprehensively meet your needs, spanning support for mental health, learning disabilities, dementia, challenging behaviour, and various health-related conditions.

Our company stands resolute in its commitment to unwavering transparency, upholding a stringent code that unequivocally condemns corruption, bribery, and discrimination in all their forms:

Unrivalled value for your investment

A team driven by passionate dedication

An innovative reimagining of care dynamics

A commitment to nurturing human resources

Championing Value Creation

Through the fusion of time-tested methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, we actively cultivate efficiency, productivity, and positive transformations across the spectrum of health care operations.

Ethos of Respect

At the very heart of our business beats a profound respect for our teams, partnerships, and the invaluable connections we share with our clients.

Dedicated Care

Our unwavering dedication finds its focal point in crafting bespoke, client-centric solutions, tailoring our services to cater to individual needs, ensuring the actualization of their unique aspirations within the realm of health care.

People Power

Fueled by enthusiasm for the diverse workforce we have nurtured, we wholeheartedly embrace diversity, champion inclusive ideals, and harness a range of skills to enrich and elevate our operational paradigms.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we endeavour to foster a community of impassioned individuals, united by their dedication to care and a shared commitment to serve our communities and clients in the realm of health care. Our specialised approach is strategically aligned to drive progress within the health care sector.

For your health care recruitment needs, we are poised to be of assistance. If you are keen on exploring our services and wish to form a partnership with an organisation that reimagines the future of health care, we extend an invitation for you to get in touch with us. Reach out and let us know how we can play a pivotal role in providing your business with the indispensable personnel and services it necessitates today.

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