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Frank and Partners is a vibrant business committed to delivering an unparalleled service within the healthcare sector.

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With a team of experienced and skilled professionals and partners, we are committed to providing services that enable’s and support our clients needs and requirements.

As a business, we challenge ourselves to do more and improve the services we offer to our clients which are tailored to their needs such as supporting people with mental health, learning disability, dementia, challenging behaviour and other health related conditions.

Our vision

In partnership with several successful healthcare organisations, our vision is to become the leading provider of specialist solutions within the care industry, using our resources to protect and improve our communities. 

Meet us

The Team

Meet our team of experts making sure we provide exceptional VIP CARE to meet your requirements, tailored to your needs.


Founder & Director

As Director, Maria ensures that every aspect of our healthcare services reflects her unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and continuous development.

Under her guidance and vast experience in the healthcare sector as a fully qualified nurse, Frank & Partners thrives as a beacon of empathy and support. Empowering individuals to embrace life with dignity and comfort, with the help of our Person-Centred carers.


Business Manager

Our uniqueness comes from Frank, which filters throughout the office and empowers the staff.

Frank has a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, developing a client-centric approach to care, `advocating for ‘Person-Centred’ care. Frank’s commitment to the highest standards extends throughout the team and our partnerships, with his influence being immeasurable.


Workforce Manager

As the Workforce Manager, Jess has built up strong relationships with our clients and candidates, always going the extra mile.

Jess operates at the heart of the business, being a driving force in what makes Frank & Partners so special and is responsible for both internal and external staff. With a background in people management, Jess specialises in B2B relations and Workforce optimisation.


Finance Manager

With a strong background within the Banking industry, Jazib specialises in corporate risk management & financial modelling.

Jazib attained his Masters degree at The University of Bradford studying Economics and Finance, going on to acquire various licences and certifications. As a key figure in the organisation, Jazib has an eye for detail and ensures a smooth relationship with both candidates and clients.


Admin & Compliance Manager

Acclaimed recruiter, office manager and everything in between, Gill has a variety of roles within the head office.

Gill’s primary role as an experienced recruiter is all about finding the right applicants through a multi-step process, which incorporates a character-profile of each applicant. Gill meticulously identifies those who are able to embody the company values.


Workforce Team Leader

Matthew has built up strong relationships with our candidates, acquiring his Masters in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

at The University of Huddersfield, Matthew has applied this experience to great effect in managing the candidates. Starting out as a Carer himself at the company, to becoming a trusted and competent member of the office team as a seasoned logistics expert.


Marketing Manager

With a background in brand management, Steven acquired a Masters in Science for Marketing from The University of Manchester.

Through qualitative & quantitative research, Steven orchestrates the visual identity, social media strategy and day to day Marketing activities of the company, including copywriting, design work, positioning and insights.


Why Choose Us?

Frank and Partners are committed to building a community of passionate individuals, employing a collaborative approach to improve the lives of others. We support healthcare providers and organisations alongside care professionals, support workers and qualified nurses, working to deliver an unparalleled service to each and every client.

With our dedicated team of skilled professionals and partners, we tailor our services to the client’s individual needs, building valued, long-term partnerships and successful teams.

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We appreciate Frank & Partners' professionalism and commitment to providing support workers with exceptionally high standards and dedication. We do not have any doubts about the quality of the service that Frank & Partners provide for us. I know that if I ever have any issues or concerns they will be addressed promptly and efficiently.


Service Manager, Royal Mencap

We had some short term staffing issues and we used Frank & Partners, having used many agencies over the last few years, Frank & Partners, in my opinion, have been amazing. They took the time to understand our needs, got to know the management team and ensured the staff sent to us had the correct skills. If anyone is looking for staff or has recruitment issues, I Frank & Partners is all you need. 


Director, Leaving Care Solutions

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